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Chaos and Order
Uniform Sweaters

For the ‘Jungwacht Küssnacht’, a Swiss Scouts group, we developed a bespoke uniform. The name of the group was transformed into two abstract patterns that served as the basis for a pair of knitted sweaters.


Reacting to the Scouts group’s wish for a distinctive uniform, our concept focused on the aspects of togetherness and affiliation – two qualities that are inherent both to the social dynamics of a Scouts group and the representative function of a uniform.

As such, the name of the group is not directly readable on the uniform. The letters that form the name were instead dissected into their elemental bits and pieces and converted into two abstract patterns – a symmetrically ordered one for the leaders and a chaotically distributed one for the kids. Like brothers, both sweaters have an individual personality, while they also clearly belong together.


Keeping to the needs of the client, the two sweaters are made from wool – a material ideal for a group that spends a great amount of time outdoors.

The production of the knitted sweaters was done in close collaboration with the Swiss textile manufacturer Traxler. Looking back on over one hundred years of expertise in producing textiles and knitted garments, Traxler is one of the last surviving companies of its kind in Switzerland. Together, the ideal material, cut and stitch was decided on. The two patterns were thus optimized to the technical possibilities of the knitting machine and the properties of the woollen material.


Design: Afrika and Michael Kryenbühl
Knitting: Traxler AG
Photo: ​Rico Scagliola, Michael Meier, Lark Ring